Wellness Hub

A wellness portal for employees to access tools to support their wellbeing.
• Prototyping • User Experience Design • Visual Identitiy Conceptualization • Animation •

The brief called for a digital space that would engage employees and draw them to the wellness resources the company offered. Creating a brand that actively interacted with the user as much as they did with it was crucial for continuously engaging employees. This need was solved by using micro-animations, interactive UI, and kinetic typography.

My Role

I was personally responsible for the website design and development, information architecture, visual identity, UX and UI design, and motion graphics design.


Employee wellbeing took absolute precedence during the pandemic, and we recognized the immense value of supporting our newly formed hybrid workforce with an array of wellness-focused LinkedIn Learning videos. With a sense of urgency, we responded swiftly to the growing need to promote workplace support by centralizing the materials into a one-stop hub. We successfully developed the website within a four-month timeframe, delivering immense value to our organization and empowering our employees with tools to thrive.


By leveraging insights from stakeholder interviews, I developed a user-centric visual identity that combines serene aesthetics, relaxed accessibility, and principles of colour theory. The overarching objective was to foster employee engagement with the available tools. As a result, the design seamlessly delivers a refreshing and inviting user experience, highlighting attributes of friendliness, approachability, and unwavering professionalism.

Information Architecture

Upon receiving the courses listing, I conducted a thorough card sorting exercise to ensure optimal categorization that would facilitate effortless discoverability.


To enhance usability and comprehension, I employed a rapid low-fidelity prototyping approach, utilizing multiple iterations of wireframes to facilitate stakeholder discussions and concept exploration. This process resulted in a refined and optimized design that effectively achieved its goals and effectively translated the stakeholder's vision within the given timeline.

Interaction Design

The project seamlessly integrated elements of interaction design and motion graphics to create an interface that actively engages users and fosters a reciprocal relationship of engagement.

Kinetic Typography

I created kinetic titles to cultivate a captivating and dynamic user experience. Through the use of animated text elements, the interface successfully captured users' attention and involvement, resulting in a memorable and immersive interaction.


The new design is characterized by its clean aesthetics, strategically placing emphasis on the categories to construct a solid foundation for the wellbeing journey.

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