New Employee Onboarding Portal

A Unified Experience
Interaction Design • Web Development • Wireframing • UX Mapping • Journey Mapping • User Scenarios • Branding • Personas • Motion Graphics • Design System •

The Challenge

Develop a user-friendly platform that effortlessly guides new employees through their first 90 days on the job. Simplifying and streamlining access to relevant resources, and pacing information was crucial to the overall design. Furthermore, with four entities under the GroupHEALTH conglomerate, a distinct portal for each company was needed.

My Role

I was responsible for the overall web design and development, interaction design, user flow and visual identity.

Designed With

Dana Cannam: Single Sign on Strategy, User Experience Design, Learning Asset Development

Wynnie Chung: Design Strategist, User Experience Design, UX Writing, Learning Experience Design

Conrad Cone: Strategy & Project Oversight


The first stage involved researching and analyzing the business needs, the target user's needs, preferences, and pain points. The team conducted a workshop to gain insights into user behaviour and preferences. Based on the insights, I created a stylescape and low fidelity prototypes to visualize the potential UI and design direction. The team iterated on the designs based on feedback from stakeholders, gaining alignment early on in process.


A persona was generated for each of the companies to map out the motivations, pain points, and behaviours of each nuanced entity. User stories were then crafted from the personas which eventually guided key scenarios in the user flow at a later stage of the project.

Journey Mapping

By leveraging personas, we identified user tasks and scenarios the user would encounter. Through journey mapping, we evaluated the underlying the needs of new hires and business goals. This allowed us to visualize potential obstacles and hinderances, and created a roadmap for how to optimize the experience and alleviate pain points.

User Interactions

During our exploration of user personas, we acknowledged the diverse range of technology comfort levels within our target audience. In order to foster inclusivity and accommodate individual preferences, our approach incorporated multiple navigation options within the portal. This granted users the freedom to navigate according to their preference.  We utilized signifiers to provide navigational affordances to users making it easy to explore without feeling overwhelmed. By offering these different navigation choices, we let users customize their experience and move through the interface in a way that suited their own preferences and comfort levels.


To meet the growing demand for a Digital Onboarding platform amidst the transition to remote work, our team adopted a release early, iterate often approach. This allowed us to address to the evolving needs of transitioning to a hybrid work force promptly. Within a focused four-month development period, we successfully launched the initial version of the portal.


The end product consisted of four tailor-made portals, specifically crafted for each entity within the conglomerate. Utilizing user experience design principles, the information was structured in an easily digestible, bite-sized learning method. I developed custom micro animations to create an immersive narrative and enhance user engagement. The dashboard, presented in a timeline format, delivered information exactly when it was most valuable to new hires. The final product transformed the onboarding experience, providing a seamless and modern journey, fuelling the company's growth.

By successfully addressing a crucial business requirement, the portal had a lasting impact on the onboarding experience both for new hires, and as a tool for the HR team.

Iterate Often

Within 5 months of launching the site, we leveraged user feedback to plan for a updated launch. This iterative process ensured continuous enhancements that catered to the evolving needs of our the business as well as our users. The second version featured integration of Gamification, weekly progress reports for the user, a refreshed UI, and integration with our LMS platform. As a result, we successfully improved the experience for our target audience and fine tuned the platform to business needs.

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