Weekly Newsletter Brand Package

Focus Newsletter: Effective Communication for GroupHealth

Primary Objective

Streamline information for a busy workforce by creating an easily scannable layout, ensuring access across multiple platform and designing an easy to use template for the Communications Specialist.

My Role

I spearheaded the design and discovery process, overseeing requirement compilation, crafting the digital brand package, and transforming the concept into an intuitive email template, resulting in the delivery of a style guide, vector package, logo, custom email template, and UI elements.

Generating Ideas

During the ideation process, rapid iteration played a crucial role. This promoted a user-centered process, allowing me to gather feedback from users, the stakeholders, and other designers at various stages of the design process. This invaluable feedback helped me identify pain points, uncover usability issues early on, and gather insights about user preferences.

User Centric Approach

By employing an iterative approach, I continuously refined my designs, aligning them more closely with user needs and expectations, ultimately leading to heightened user satisfaction and greater engagement with the newsletter brand.


This iterative experimentation led to breakthroughs and design solutions that may not have been achieved through a linear process. By embracing rapid iteration, I was able to infuse the newsletter brand with fresh ideas, unique features, and captivating design elements, elevating its impact and ensuring its relevance.


Throughout the project, I maintained a user-centric design approach, ensuring accessibility and compatibility across various technology platforms. Contextual storytelling techniques were employed to engage the audience effectively. The result was a collection of innovative layouts and designs that seamlessly adapt to different platforms, including web, mobile, and presentations.


In the end, an easy-to-use Outlook email template, which could be easily updated, captivated the target audience. It delivered an impactful and engaging newsletter experience for GroupHealth employees.

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